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School Counselors

Langston Chapel Elementary School Counseling Program

Our Counselor

Our Counselor

                                                                     Ms. Anthony    

Diedre Anthony

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Langston Chapel is a vibrant and progressive educational site.

Supporting and motivating our students to reach for the stars is our goal.


As LCES school counselors, our efforts are centered in helping students focus on academic, personal/social and career development so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. 


Our days are filled with the wonderment of watching your children grow and develop; We are blessed to be part of each student’s journey toward reaching their lifelong goals.


In our role at LCES we teach all classrooms a lesson each month.  We create curriculum that addresses the needs every student in acquiring constructive life-skills.  Topics such as bullying, tolerance, understanding self and others, and problem solving are woven into activity based lessons during which every child is encouraged to participate by learning and sharing ideas. 


We work with students individually helping them learn new ways to make good decisions and build self- efficacy- understanding their own value in the academic setting. 

Teachers and parents are encouraged to refer their students for individual counseling.


As professionals we're committed to the growth of the graduate program in counseling at Georgia Southern.  We regularly have graduate students work with our children as mentors in their practicum.  We also arrange for GSU Honors Societies students to work with children and to help at school functions such as Real Men Read and the annual Spring Fling.


Please Note: Counseling is confidential with these exceptions: child endangerment, child abuse, child neglect, or the utterance of threatened harm to others.  Students will be informed if they disclose any of those situations involving themselves, we are legally obligated to break confidentiality


We are convinced we need to train our youth to be empathic individuals and learn through opportunities such as Leadership roles at school to grow into responsible and caring community members.